August School Board Recap

The following are highlights from the August School Board Meeting:

1.  Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Rau shared updates from our summer programs, including the Power Scholars Academy, new teacher induction, principal academy, and “other” construction projects that occurred during the summer months.

2. Approval of August Personnel Report

3. Approval of 2019 Summer Graduation Diploma Candidates

4. Approval of X factor at 2.3% for the Leadership 2018-19 performance increases under the Act 93 compensation plan

5. Approval of Contracts and Agreements 

6. Approval of Monthly Financial Reports

7. Approval of the Proposed Budget Timeline 

8. Approval of Special Education Tuition Rates 

9. Board Policies – First Reading
 Policy 247 – Hazing 

Policy 249 – Bullying/Cyberbullying 

10. Approval of Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Performance Standard Objectives 

11. Recording/Live Streaming of Meetings – discussion

12. Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 17, 7 p.m. @ McCaskey East B123.