November School Board Recap

The following are highlights from the November School Board Meeting:

1. Superintendent’s Report – Campus Principal John Lischner recognized a student from each Small Learning Community (SLC) for excelling in the area of academics, attendance and/or leadership.

2. Approval of November 20, 2018 Personnel

3. Approval of Board Policy 218 Student Discipline

4. Approval of Board Policy 233 Suspension and Expulsion

5. Approval of Contracts and Agreements

9. Approval to Purchase Tract of Land at 920 Fifth Street, Lancaster, PA for New Buchanan Elementary School

10. First Reading of the 2019-2020 Draft Student Calendar 

11. First Reading: Board Policy 218 Student Discipline

12. Review of Board Policy 006 Meetings

13. Review of Board Policy 704 Maintenance 

14. Review of Board Policy 806 Child Abuse

15. Review of Board Policy 808 Food Services

16. Budget Brief – Matthew Przywara